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We offer our client first-class natural stone building products to satisfy the most discerning tastes.Clarens Natural Stone provides everything you need to transform your residence with natural stone.. Whether a traditional natural sandstone cottage garden or a natural sandstone indoor space, our selective natural stone product range allows you to create any natural stone design scheme.

Our reputation is built upon natural stone products that lead the market in design, innovation and sustainability. Our natural stone product range consist of durable natural stone products, such as Sandstone Slate, Quarizite and Traverine

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All of our natural stone products are carefully selected to ensure meticulous attention to detail to provide you with the confidence that you have made the right choice in years to come.

We are dedicated to offering unparalleled natural stone quality, knowledge and service, to designers, architects, builders and homeowners. Our objective is to offer quality natural stone products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you.

You will find that with Clarens Natural Stone, all your natural stone requirements are available right here.

Clarens Natural Stone pride itself on our superior natural stone products, service, dedication and professionalism acquired from years of experience. Enabling us to meet and exceed the natural stone industry standards. Welcome to the world of fine natural stone! Natural stone samples and literature are available through our Clarens Natural Stone Customer Service team.

It does not stop here. We have ensured that your experience of natural stone online quotations are one of great pleasure; with no frustration. Our instant quotation process will give you the information you are looking for when you need it. Should you not find all the natural stone information regarding our natural stone products online, or wish to enquire about a specific product before purchasing, our helpful staff will be happy to assist.
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Installing Natural Stone

Clarens Natural Stone does offer installation services, but for those who prefer to do it themselves, some helpful hints:

  • Always make sure that the surface to be tiled is in good condition, integrally sound, and is of a quality and consistency suitable for tiling.
  • The surface must be clean and free of all traces of shutter release and curing agents, laitance and any other surface contaminants, preferably by scarifying or sandblasting.
  • Dense or smooth surfaces must be primed with a Bonding liquid slurry prior to the adhesive application.
  • Should the installation require waterproofing, i.e. showers or balconies, the substrate should be waterproofed prior to commencing tiling.
  • The waterproofing Installation must be allowed to cure completely before tiling is commenced.
  • This installation can be carried out using any good quality adhesive.
  • We recommend that a bonding liquid is used when natural stone is installed.
  • In all natural tiling installations it is imperative that each tile is solidly bedded in the adhesive.
  • We would recommend the use of a notched trowel with 10 x 10mm notches.

Tips on Grouting

  • Grouting must not be carried out until sufficient bond has developed between the bedding mix and the tiles to preclude disturbance of the tiles during the grouting operation.
  • Allow a minimum of 4 hours before grouting.
  • The grout, whether it is for internal or external use, should be suitable for joints up to 8mm wide. A stain free grout is recommended.

Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone tiles can be cleaned using the following methods:

  • Always seal stone tiles. The sealer acts as protective layer that protects the wall tiles from dust & stain.
  • Protect the tiles from dust and stain by cleaning the wall tiles with a vacuum cleaner using a soft brush attachment instead of a metallic or plastic device.
  • Avoid the use of tile cleaners on stone tiles, since they can fade the color of the wall tiles. Clean the walls with a soft cloth and mild water. A regular wiping session prevents the deposition of harmful chemicals on the natural stone tile.
  • Do not place your hands on the stone wall tiles - oil or dirt on the hand can lead to staining of the wall. Clean these stains as soon as possible to avoid the absorption of oils inside the stone tile.
  • Care and maintenance tips will be highly beneficial for the everlasting beauty of your wall tiles

Tips on sealing Natural Stone

  • Use a sealant for natural stone tiles.
  • Do not apply sealant to hot tiles in direct sunlight.
  • Allow 7-10 days after installation before sealing.
  • Do not apply sealant to damp tiles.
  • Do not traffic for 6 hours after application.

Cleaning Natural Stone after laying

  • During grouting make sure to remove all excess grout from the surface with clean water.
  • Attempting to clean the grout off the surface with dirty water and/or a dirty cloth or sponge does not clean the surface.
  • After the grout has dried use Grout Off, diluted to the correct solution, to remove any residues, since these will impair the finish after sealing and will result in a very expensive repair.
  • Do not place your hands on the stone wall tiles - oil or dirt on the hand can lead to staining of the wall. Clean these stains as soon as possible to avoid the absorption of oils inside the stone tile.
  • Care and maintenance tips will be highly beneficial for the everlasting beauty of your wall tiles

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